Vashti Inc. is a wholesale Judaica distributor and wholesale Jewish gifts from Israel distributor.  We offer Tallit, Menorah, Mezuzah, Kiddush Cup, Judaica jewelry, Adaya, Agayof, Ben-Zion David, Galilee Silks, Itzuviem, Shraga Landesman, Lev Gifts & Design, S. Nadav, Neta Fine Art Jewelry, Studio Alim.

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About Us

At Vashti we import and distribute fine Judaica from Israel. We seek out and commission works of art and functionality that show off the craftsmanship of Jewish heritage and the creativity of contemporary design. We take especial pride in our handmade and handcrafted items, produced by some of the best Israeli artisans.


As our customer, you can expect dedicated and prompt service. Our products are warehoused in Colorado . We try to ship within two business days from receipt of an order, but please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery. Please note that a minimum order needs to consist of 6 items, or total $200. We are available by phone and e-mail to answer your questions or to discuss special requests.


Why Vashti?

So many customers ask us why we named our company after the Queen of the Empire of Persia , the banished wife of King Ahashverosh, described in the Scroll of Esther. While there is no single answer, we chose this name primarily because we admire the queen’s courage, independence, and beauty. We are amused and awed by her refusal to dance before a gathering of drunken nobles and military commanders. If you are unfamiliar with the story, sneak a peek at the Scroll of Esther.

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