Vashti Inc. is a wholesale Judaica distributor and wholesale Jewish gifts from Israel distributor.  We offer Tallit, Menorah, Mezuzah, Kiddush Cup, Judaica jewelry, Adaya, Agayof, Ben-Zion David, Galilee Silks, Itzuviem, Shraga Landesman, Lev Gifts & Design, S. Nadav, Neta Fine Art Jewelry, Studio Alim.

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About Our Artists

The items you purchase from us are produced mostly in small workshops across Israel. There women and men set crystals by hand, apply dabs of paint with fine paintbrushes, curl strands of silver to shape filigree threads, and skillfully operate sewing machines to create tallitot that will last a lifetime. In the alphabetical listing below, you will find a few lines about each of our major artists. Most of our products are delivered with short biographical cards.



Adaya: Maya Rayten displays all the vibrancy and refined boldness that have made Israeli fashion jewelry famous. Her Judaica collection includes work in base metals and sterling silver and offers an unparalleled selection of jewelry, pointers, mezuzot and tallit clips in designs that exert a strong appeal. Each individual piece, a brilliant symphony of color, is made by hand at her studio in the Tel Aviv area. Materials include Swarovski crystals, glass beads, decorative metals and enamel.


Agayof: A father-and-son team with a well established reputation, Avner and Avia Agayof lead the way in sleek, contemporary, highly collectible Judaica. Their stackable, foldable, puzzle-like menorahs are lessons in design. Working in anodized aluminium, the Agayofs show a rare sense for colors. Their products, faintly humorous, beckon the beholder to touch and play. The workshop is found in Jerusalem .


Ben-Zion David: An eighth generation Yemenite silversmith, Ben-Zion David designs elaborate and majestic Judaica. Following this tradition, he incorporates filigree-style ornamentation in his work. His sterling silver Kiddush cups, candleholders and other ritual items share a rich, ceremonial style. Much of Ben-Zion’s Judaica jewelry showcases ancient pieces of Roman glass. His studio is situated in Tel Aviv.


Galilee Silks: Established as a workshop for hand painted silk scarves and shirts on a kibbutz in northern Israel , Galilee Silks has become a leading manufacturer of tallitot, challah covers and matzo covers. Exacting standards result in high quality textile products. Twice a year, the designers of Galilee Silks rustle up a flurry of spectacular tallitot for Bar and Bat Mitzva celebrants, as well as older customers, tailoring world fashion trends to fit Jewish traditions.


Itzuviem: Shulamit Kanter, from her small workshop in the heart of Israel , has created a jazzy, lighthearted line of Judaica that includes mezuzot, candleholders and Passover tableware. In collaboration with her sisters, Shulamit designs and produces mosaic-like patterns embedded in plaster molds with a formula all her own. The intricate, precise setting of metals and stones takes great time and patience. The resulting products are striking in their combination of sheer off-white planes and bright spots of color­­.


Shraga Landesman: This well-known and much-beloved artist lives and creates in Haifa , molding his material of choice, aluminium. Shraga’s easily recognizable designs are inspired by the world of the Bible and ancient cultures of the Near East . He says he misses these vanished civilizations. On a lifelong journey of reinterpreting Judaism, Shraga seeks inspiration in archeological artifacts, features of the land and its animal inhabitants.


Lev Gifts & Design: Lev Shneiderman is a skilled craftsman with an ingenious bent for applying technology in unconventional ways­­--with delightful results. Lev reshapes wood, stone, glass and metal into exquisite objets d’art. Among his favored techniques are sand blasting and laser cutting. His father, sister and wife, all immigrants from the former Soviet Union , like Lev, collaborate in the creation of this line in the south of Israel .


S. Nadav: The third generation of Yemenite silversmiths operating from a small workshop in Jerusalem , the business of S. Nadav maintains traditional techniques that demand great skill. Renowned for their exquisite Kiddush cups, candleholders and other Judaica items, the Nadav family produces top-of-the-line sterling silver heirlooms. The intricate filigree detail on many of their products is the hallmark of Yemenite silversmiths. Other displays of virtuosity are evident in their hand-sawn ritual objects.   


Neta Fine Art Jewelry: A jewelry designer since 1991, Neta Yehiely works out of her studio in the heart of Tel Aviv, where her staff of native-born Israelis and immigrants crafts silver and gold into irresistible ornaments. Neta fuses Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences in her pieces. Her playfulness and passion breathe life into age-old Jewish symbols, while her attentiveness to detail wins the heart of the customer. The pulse of fashion beats in her exciting seasonal collections.


Studio Alim: Orna Cohen-Boteach, a graduate of the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts, designs marvelous variations on the world of nature that surrounds her on a moshav in central Israel . Drawing on her rich Jewish heritage, Orna affirms her ties to tradition and to the land through strikingly contemporary, albeit warm, creations. Most of Orna’s work is formed in pewter, aluminium and glass. For this artist, symbolism is an important source of inspiration.

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