Vashti Inc. is a wholesale Judaica distributor and wholesale Jewish gifts from Israel distributor.  We offer Tallit, Menorah, Mezuzah, Kiddush Cup, Judaica jewelry, Adaya, Agayof, Ben-Zion David, Galilee Silks, Itzuviem, Shraga Landesman, Lev Gifts & Design, S. Nadav, Neta Fine Art Jewelry, Studio Alim.

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Candleholders - Sterling Silver
    Grace Candlesticks
Sterling Silver Candlesticks, with hammered surface and some filigree ornamentation. 76 grams, 3".
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    Reflections Candlesticks
Sterling Silver Candlesticks in hammered motif, with center filigree. 160 grams, 7".
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    Elegance Candlesticks
Sterling Silver Candlesticks with filigree ornamentation. 180 grams. 6.75".
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    Column Candlesticks
Column Panel Candlesticks with Broad Rim. Sterling Silver. Price based on silver market and subject to change. H6". By S. Nadav.
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    Ringed Candlesticks
Sterling Silver Candleholders. H5.25" By Ben-Zion David.
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