Vashti Inc. is a wholesale Judaica distributor and wholesale Jewish gifts from Israel distributor.  We offer Tallit, Menorah, Mezuzah, Kiddush Cup, Judaica jewelry, Adaya, Agayof, Ben-Zion David, Galilee Silks, Itzuviem, Shraga Landesman, Lev Gifts & Design, S. Nadav, Neta Fine Art Jewelry, Studio Alim.

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    Kosher Parchment Klaf 7 (3")
Upscale certified 3” kosher scrolls ,written by an experienced Israeli Sofer(scribe). These scrolls are beautiful, legibly hand written and meet stringent standards of Kashrut. Each scroll is checked both by a second Sofer and by computer at a special institute in Jerusalem. It is traditionally believed that the Mezuzah scroll protects the household members physically and spiritually. Therefore it should be clearly hand written by a professional scribe on a Kosher animal parchment. All these criteria make the scroll kosher. Minimum order 15 scrolls, for less the cost is $27 per scroll.
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    "Jerusalem" Mezuza
Jerusalem Stone, polished by hand L=3.5"
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